After agreeing on a price in December we planned a survey for the first week of January. It was quite stressful having to wait a whole month but because of Christmas and New Year there was just no way we could make an earlier appointment.

On the day of the survey we got on an early flight to France and arrived just before the boat was lifted out of the water. The surveyor, broker, the wife of the owner and a friend of the owner were present at the survey.

IMG_1154 copy.jpg

The hull was inspected, the prop was cleaned and some suspicious looking spots were tested for osmosis. After 20 minutes she was put back in the water again. We payed the crane (360 euros) and were off for the second part of the survey.

IMG_1169 copy.jpg

I got to steer the boat out to the Gulf of St. Tropez, while Thomas shadowed the surveyor inspecting the motor and taking oil samples. It was freezing cold, I had the flu and for some reason everyone took off their shoes.. After a short while steering on my socks I was so cold that Thomas had to take over. He got to dock the boat next to shore power to test the electrics.

The last part of the survey was back in the berth – we carefully watched how they docked because we had no clue how to Med moor a boat. The folding propellor didn’t make it easy for the captain trying to put her back into her slip. Since it only folds out half in reverse it has a an enormous ‘wheel effect’ to starboard, making it very complicated to predict the boats path into the slip. But he did a great job and Thomas and I were very happy we got to watch a pro do it before we would try it ourselves.

The last part of the survey was inspecting the rigging and board systems. Some of the navigation gear wasn’t working, but the sails and standing rigging were in great condition.

After a full day of the survey we were super happy that nothing major turned up, we would just wait for the oil results to come back and hopefully move forward with buying this beautiful boat!


A big bonus of buying a boat is getting to travel to all kinds of places for a few days.. The one day, I would have a magical breakfast like this, the next day I would be back in the office.

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