Boat Shopping II

After our week in Croatia we revised our wish list:

  • A boat older than 1990
  • Polyester (definitely not wood or steel)
  • 38-41 foot, high enough for Thomas to stand up straight
  • Ready to sail, max 1-2 months of work to be done
  • With sprayhood and bimini
  • Preferably only one head
  • Two cabins (three cabins, what were we thinking..)
  • Max price 40.000 euro

We had to go up in price again and found 4 boats online of which we thought could be the one. They cost all over 40.000 euros, but we figured that we would just try and make a low offer.

The contenders were two Contest boats, a 40 footer in Holland and a 42 footer in Greece. There was a Dehler 38 in Holland with a wooden interior and then there was a Sigma 41 in France.

The Contest 42 was our favorite. It was located in Greece on an awesome spot to start our trip, priced right and the pictures looked fantastic. And it’s a ketch, which has a great layout with a big owners cabin: perfect to live on.

The harbor in Greece turned out to be pretty remote and almost impossible to reach within a weekend. We suspected that the pictures posted online were a few years old, so we searched for a greek surveyor to do a quick pre-survey walk around for us. This also turned out to be impossible, and after being very, very persistent for a couple of weeks the broker sent someone to take pictures for us.

We were very happy we didn’t waste any time and money on flights to Greece!

For the other three boats we planned visits in November and December. First up was the Sigma 41 in France.

Needless to say, we fell in love. It was obviously treated with love by the owner (labeled electrics!), smelled good, looked great and, apart from a few minor things, ready to move aboard. After the weekend we decided to make an offer.

Our first offer was rejected, the owner countered, we made a second offer… which was accepted!

2 thoughts on “Boat Shopping II

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  1. Hi Eev, thanks for sharing your (and Thomas’) blog, although you make me jealous.
    Please tell me why you chose against a steel hull?
    Love oom Graham


  2. Hey Graham! Great you’re following us along! We didn’t want a steel hull because we’re a bit intimidated by the maintenance. If we would be sailing to rougher areas in terms of weather we would have also looked into aluminium. In the Med, where we were mainly looking to buy, there were mainly polyester boats for sale. Love the look of wood and steel boats though ;). Alida asked me to give you our AIS number, which I thought we had, but we don’t. When we buy one we’ll put it on the website so we can be tracked! Love, E


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