The Plan

The plan is to buy a sailboat and sail for at least a year.. or until the money runs out.

Why? How? Well, here is the long version:

We had tons of holiday ideas for this winter (16/17) : visiting family in New-Zealand, visiting friends in Africa, backpacking in South-America or Asia or another architectural tour in North-America.. After a long process of picking the right time and asking permission from our bosses, we both got a 4-week holiday from christmas until the middle of January.

We almost already booked our tickets to Kenya and Tanzania when we saw an awesome video of a group of people on a sailboat sailing to amazing and remote kitespots. White beaches! Sailing! Kiting! Where do we sign up?!

Half an hour of googling later, we found out that it would cost us a minimum of 3.000 dollars a WEEK to charter a boat somewhere with good weather in January. We do work in Switzerland but even for us this was way over our budget. With the idea of kiting and sailing stuck in our heads now, we started looking at boats. With a 10.000 dollar budget, it must be possible to buy a boat. Right?

Well, that is possible. We would buy a cool fixer upper in Holland, work on her for a few years, get a bit more sailing experience and then set sail to the white beaches. There were a few practical downsides to this plan: first of all, we live an 8-hour drive away from any sea so it would take all our free time and a whole lot of driving. And we would be entering the wrong half of our thirties by the time we would set sail, which sparked all sorts of questions we weren’t ready to give answers to yet. It would also be quite expensive to have a cruise-worthy boat in a harbor for a few years until we would finally sail off.

But then again, white beaches! Kitesurfing! Sailing! Can’t we make that happen if we up our budget a little and start to look for a boat which only needs 1-2 months of work before we sail of? It looked like there were many boats for sale around 30.000 euros, especially in Croatia. Geographically, that would be an awesome place to start as well. Hugging the coast, island hopping and doing longer sails in the Mediterranean as our confidence grows.

We postponed our 4-week holiday and then we started looking for boats!

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